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LOMER C.J. & PRIOR C. (Éds. sc.), 1992
Biological control of locusts and grasshoppers
C.A.B. International, Willingford, xii + 394 p.

Foreword : Locust control - cause for concern, Lukas Brader, p. ix-x.
Preface, p. xi.
Acknowledgements, p. xii.
Welcome address, Representative of the Minister for National Education, p. 1-3.
Keynote address, Biological control as a potential tool for locust and grasshopper control, D.J. Greathead, p. 4-7.
The IIBC/IIT A/DFPY collaborative research programme on the biological control of locusts and grasshoppers, C. Prior, C.J. Lomer, H. Herren, A. Paraïso, C. Kooyman & J.J. Smit, p. 8-18

-- APHIS ; grasshopper integrated pest management in the United States - a co-operative project with emphasis on biological control, G.L. Cunningham, p. 21-25.
-- CEC ; biological control of locusts with entomopathogens, B. Zelazny, p. 26-29.
-- CILSS/DFPV ; the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel, and the Department of Crop Protection Training, Niger, J.f. Smit, p. 30-37.
-- CNLA ; short report on the control strategy of acridids in Morocco 1987-89, A. Mouhim, p. 38-40.
-- DLCOEA ; pest control : the begging questions, R.A Kitenda, p. 41-43.
-- GTZ ; the integrated biological control of locusts and grasshoppers - a GTZ research project, S. Krall & Q.M. Nasseh, 4-49.
-- IAPSC/OAU ; communiqué from the Inter-African Scientific Secretariat of the OAU, with comments on the application of the Inter-African Plant Protection Convention, N. Nkouka, p. 50-53.
-- IClPE ; development of a biocontrol strategy for the management of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, S.K. Raina, p. 54-56.
-- IRLCOCSA ; perspectives and prospects of biological control of the red locust, Nomadacris septemfasciata, J. W. Bahana & E.K. Byaruhanga, p. 57-63.
-- NRI ; statement of position, J.l. Magor, p. 64-69.
-- OCLALAV ; biological control of migratory pests, and perspectives in Africa, AB. Ndiaye, p. 70-74.
-- PRIFAS : notes from PRIFAS on biological control of locusts and grasshoppers, M.H. Launois-Luong, p. 75-78.
Country Reports
-- Congo ; the acridid situation in the Congo, G. Bani, p. 79-81.
-- Mali ; notes on the acridid problem in Mali, B. Maiga, p. 82-85.
-- Republic of Benin ; the acridid situation in the Republic of Benin, A. Coffi, p. 86-89.
-- Senegal ; grasshopper and locust control in Senegal, A. Niassy, p. 90-96.
-- Sudan ; the situation of desert locust, tree locust and grasshoppers in the Sudan (1990-91), A. Abdalla, p. 97-98.
Discussion : precis, p. 101.

-- Natural enemies of tropical locusts and grasshoppers : their impact and potential as biological control agents, D.J. Greathead, p. 105.121.
-- Fungal agents for biocontrol, M.S. Goettel, p. 122-132.
-- Preliminary studies on the ecology of Zonocerus variegatus in the Republic of Benin, A. Paraïso, C.l. Lomer, J. Godonou & D. Kpindu, p. 133-141, 4 fig.
-- Effects of neem oil treatment on the phase status of desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, l. Langewald & H. Schmutterer, p. 142-154, 8 fig.
Panel discussion : precis, p. 155.

-- Discovery and characterization of fungal pathogens for locust and grasshopper control, C. Prior, p.159-180.
-- Mechanisms of fungal pathogenesis in insects with particular reference to locusts, A.K. Charnley, p. 181-190.
-- Molecular approaches to the study of entomopathogenic fungi, l.M. Clarkson, p. 191-199.
-- Selection and characterization of strains of Metarhizium anisopliae for control of soil insects in Australia, R.F. Milner, p. 200-207.
-- Exploration for locust and grasshopper pathogens, C. Kooyman & P. Shah, p. 208-213.
Panel discussion : precis, p. 214-215.

-- Mass production, formulation and application of fungi as biocontrol agents, B.A. Auld, p. 219-229.
-- Mass production, formulation and field application of entomopathogenic fungi, M.S. Goettel & D.W. Roberts, p. 230-238.
-- Mass production, application and formulation of Metarhizium anisopliae for control of sugarcane froghopper, Mahanarva posticata, in Brazil, A.F. Mendonça, p. 239-244.
-- The principles of ultra-Iow volume spraying in relation to the application of microbial insecticides for locust control, G.A. Matthews, p. 245-248.
-- Controlled droplet application of mycopesticides to locusts, R.P. Bateman, p. 249-254, 1 fig.
-- Development of a novel field bioassay technique for assessing mycoinsecticide ULV formulations, R.P. Bateman, J. Godonou, D. Kpindu, C.I. Lomer & A. Paraïso, p. 255-262, 5 fig.
Panel discussion : precis, p. 263.

-- Introduction: biology, ecology, field experimentation and environmental impact, D.L. Johnson, p. 267-278.
-- The Beauveria-Melolontha project : experiences with regard to locust and grasshopper control, S. Keller, p. 279-286, 2 fig.
-- Biological control of grasshoppers in the Cape Verde Islands, M.L. Lobo Lima, J.M. Brito & J.E. Henry, p. 287-295, 6 fig.
-- Field trials with the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana against grasshoppers in Mali, West Africa, July, 1990, D.L. Johnson, M.S. Goettel, C. Bradley, H. van der Paauw & B. Maiga, p. 296-310, 2 fig.
-- Field cage trials on the effects of enriched neem oil, insect growth regulators and the pathogens Beauveria bassiana and Nosema locustae on desert locusts in the Republic of Niger, O.M. Nasseh, T. Freres, J. Wilps, E. Kirkilionis & S. Krall, p. 311-320.
-- Effects of neem oil, Beauveria bassiana and dieldrin on non-target tenebrionid beetles in the desert zone of the Republic of Niger, R. Peveling & J. Weyrich, p. 321-336, 6 fig.
-- The effect of various neem products on the survival and flight activity of adult Schistocerca gregaria, H. Wilps, O. Nasseh & S. Krall, p. 337-346, 4 fig.
-- A review of field studies of the environmental impacts of locust/grasshopper control programmes in Africa, P.C. Matteson, p. 347-355.
-- Environmental impact and safety of fungal biocontrol agents, M.S. Goettel & D.L. Johnson, p. 356-361.
Panel discussion : precis, p. 362-366.

Discussion : precis, p. 369-374.

Acronyms and abbreviations, p. 375-377.
Addresses of delegates, p. 378-386.
Author index, p. 387.
Subject index, p. 388-394.

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